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More Than a Stat or Place

Mindful Living – bringing intimate, kind presence to inner and outer experiences, as they unfold…

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Mindfulness and meditation are more than the research stats we link them to or the places in which we practice. They create a foundation in which we can better connect with ourselves, people in our lives, and the world around us. They facilitate compassionate presence and

the capacity to meet life with wisdom and care.

I recently made a few shifts to the six-week course I’ve been teaching for several years. I wanted to move it into greater alignment with what brought me to mindfulness and teaching in the first place – and with what I believe has inspiring so many others to explore meditation.  Continue reading to see what has shifted, and what is staying the same.

What’s shifted:

  • Renamed  Mindful Living – embracing the understanding that the purpose of meditation extends well beyond having a meditation practice. Most folks come to meditation in order to meet all of life with more ease, kindness and presence.
  • Added daylong retreats open to past participants* – creating more opportunities to deepen one’s practice and foster community, as well as explore the practice of noble silence in a supportive setting.
  • Moved to a non-traditional practice space – making it easier to translate formal practices into less formal settings as well as daily life.

What’s continuing:

  • Limited group size – promoting community through individual connections and ensuring everyone can ask their questions.
  • One-on-one private session – providing additional support with things like applying mindfulness to a difficult situation or crafting a sustainable home practice.
  • Weekly class notes and recordings of talks and practices – freeing up participants to simply be present during class, and allowing folks to return to material well after the course.

* Mindful Living Daylong retreats are open to past Mindful Living and Beginning Mindfulness Meditation participants and offered on a by-donation basis.

The next Mindful Living Course begins this Wednesday, January 23rd at Beam & Anchor. There are still spaces (and scholarships) available. Learn more here or feel free to get in touch with Ashley.

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