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Mindfulness-based leadership and lifework coaching that supports you in realizing your full creative potential.

We want to feel connected.

Yet, despite advances in technology that focus on connectivity and productivity, more and more of us feel isolated and that we can’t keep up. Rather than connected, we feel disconnected: from others, from nature, from ourselves. And with this, we feel a challenge to claim what we need as well as foster the ability to resource ourselves to truly live our life’s work.

brown grass field during daytimeSharing who we are in ways that light people up and support others feels good; we’re wired to connect and to contribute. Yet, it can be challenging if we try to go it alone; having another to listen and reflect back to you, while also helping you forge clarity and empowerment, can help you rediscover your sense of self and the interconnectivity of the world around you.

This is the aim of my lifework.

As a mindfulness-based coach, I’m here to help you to ally with yourself, realize your full creative potential and live life aligned your values. I’m here to hold engaging and supportive space for you to constructively reflect, access insights of awareness and take directed action towards your aspirations.

I work with an array of individuals who are seeking to live and work with more meaning and ease. These include:

  • Creatives who want to grow their craft and create a sustainable livelihood, while maintaining a whole and healthy life.
  • Solopreneurs who find themselves challenged as they navigate the landscape of their business.
  • Executives who want to lead with inspiration and through presence, and who don’t always have a safe and supportive sounding board.
  • Individuals ready to transition into a different line of work, or back into the workforce, and would like support as they do so.
  • People interested in discovering their deeper sense of purpose and bringing that to life.

The universe took its time on you, crafted you to offer the world something different from everyone else…

– Rupi Kaur

My approach to coaching is grounded in established methodologies and rooted in intuition and empathy. Some of the methodologies I draw from include mindfulness, positive and developmental psychology, nature contemplation, organizational design, compassionate communication and leadership development. I also have a background in trauma-informed care and self-compassion. I recognize that everyone is unique, and so each coaching partnership is tailored to fit a client’s particular goals and situations. There are so many benefits that coaching offers, including:

  • Gaining clarity around how you can contribute in ways that are meaningful and relevant.
  • Thoughtfully and boldly declaring your goals.
  • Designing a path of action that will catalyze your deeper aspirations.
  • Experiencing integrity between your intentions and how you pursue them.
  • Releasing your inner critic to embrace a kinder and more empowering inner dialogue.
  • Nurturing a holistic and sustainable orientation to life.
  • Identifying and disentangling self-sabotaging habits.
  • Living more consistently in a state of mindfulness; being responsive instead of reactive while also feeling centered in the present rather than ruminating about the past or being anxious about the future.


Sunny Meadow - Portland Small Business Coach & Life CoachCoaching is a partnership, and as such, a collaborative process. In each session you will be invited to shape what we focus on as well as what meaningful support looks and feels like for you in any given moment. Throughout our work together, I will offer concrete structure and tools to help you create traction and meaningful momentum, in a pace that feels both engaging and sustaining. I will encourage you to be self-reflective and to take directed action towards your goals and aspirations. Throughout our work together, you can expect that I will fully support you in meeting both your successes and challenges with compassionate and skillful presence.

I offer six-month introductory packages for new clients and an array of packages for continuing clients. We generally meet twice a month, with opportunities for email support between sessions.

Yet, the first step is for us to have a complimentary, exploratory conversation. We’ll set up a time to meet by phone or video. It’s an opportunity for me to learn more about what you’re looking for and for you to learn more about how I work; together we can see if a coaching partnership is a good fit.

Interested in group coaching? Check out my transformational hybrid program, Live Radiantly.

Looking for trainings and/or classes for your place of work? Explore my current offerings.

Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P (she, Her, Hers)

Background and Credentialing

I have been coaching individuals and businesses for twenty years. My coaching practice reflects a synthesis of education and experience. I hold a Master in Social Work with a concentration in human development and interpersonal practice from the University of Washington. There I participated in the Training in Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Core Leadership programs and was certified in Human Services Management. I am also a graduate of the ICF-accredited Seattle Coach’s Professional Coach Training. For over a decade, I was Executive Director of 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, one of the largest independent yoga businesses in the U.S., where I was responsible for human resources, leadership development, strategic planning and marketing. I also have a longstanding practice and training in mindfulness. For a more comprehensive summary of my background and credentialing, see my About page.

Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P / Contemplative Guide, Coach and Educator

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