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Supporting individuals and organizations to live their full creative potential through coaching and contemplative practices.

I deeply recognize the essential value of living from a space of care, connection and mindfulness. This underlies the work that I do and my commitment to support others who are looking to live their lives more fully aligned with a sense of purpose. Through coaching, mindfulness and self-compassion, OpenSpace Mindfulness helps bring creative potential to life while fostering individual and organizational wellbeing.

If you’d like to learn more about any of my offerings please write me. I would love to discuss ways that I can support you or your organization.

In appreciation,

Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P / Contemplative Guide, Coach and Educator

Oh my heart. You don’t have to go it alone. Train yourself to train just a little more gently. 

– Jenta




Mindfulness-based leadership and lifework coaching that supports you in realizing your full creative potential.



Classes, events and retreats to resource, replenish and experience deeper connection with yourself, your community and the world around you.



Resources, tools, inspirations, and meditations to support individual and organizational wellbeing.


2024 Coaching Opening

2024 Coaching Opening

Work with me! I have a January opening for 1:1 coaching (and I expect another opening in February). Blending coaching principles with mindfulness tools, I work with individuals and organizations seeking to live their full creative potential without sacrificing their well-being. Visit this page to learn more. You can also email me to set up a complimentary, exploratory conversation.

Romjul - Seasonal Rest And Replenishment

Romjul - Seasonal Rest and Replenishment

Romjul (Norwegian) is the period between Christmas and New Year’s dedicated to reflection. Norwegians often celebrate Romjul by slowing down and socializing less. It is held as a time to rest and physically replenish in preparation for the year to come. Inspired by Romjul, you’re invited to check out this seasonal package created to support you in making space for rest, reflection, replenishment and connection!

Dr. Kat Bodden, ND

February Writing Retreat

Winter is a rich time for introspection, extended periods of silence and stillness, and an exploration of the richness to be found in the darkness. Join spiritual teacher Caverly Morgan and I for a weekend writing retreat (February 9-11, 2024) on Whidbey Island. This retreat will feature contemplative writing practices, guided relaxation and opportunities to enjoy silence and the natural world.

Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P (she, Her, Hers)

Background and Credentialing

I earned a Master in Social Work from the University of Washington and have been practicing meditation in the vipassana (insight) tradition for over 20 years. I am an accredited Mindfulness Teacher through the Mindfulness Training Institute and certified through the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. I have also completed a year-long apprenticeship Teacher Training with Mark Coleman focused on bringing contemplative practices into nature and the wilderness. My multifaceted studies in coaching include graduating from the ICF-accredited Seattle Coach’s Professional Coach Training. For a more comprehensive summary of my background and credentialing, see my About page.

Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P / Contemplative Guide, Coach and Educator

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