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Mini Sound Meditation

This five-minute meditation was created for 8 Limbs Yoga Centers as part an exploration on the theme, Ditch Your Distractions. Check out the original blog here which includes five ways to move out of distracted states by consciously turning one’s attention towards something.

For this Mini Sound Meditation, find a comfortable shape and relax your gaze or close eyes all together. For the first few minutes you’ll hear two Tibetan bowls, then a couple of minutes of relative silence. The invitation is be with all sounds as the arise in and out of being, whether from bowls or ambient sounds around you. The practice closes with three successive rings.



Join unfold Co-Director Leigh Drake and I for the summer Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation, June 7th. These seasonal events sell out in advance so I recommend registering early. For more guided meditations check out the OpenSpace Mindfulness YouTube channel.

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