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A Handful of Shout Outs

Llama ShoutingI’ve been receiving a lot of compliments since launching my new website (thank you very much by the way). I’d be remiss though if I didn’t call attention to a handful of people who helped make this site possible and look as good as it does.

Scott Werley of Razorfrog Web Design helped me get unstuck whenever I ran into territory beyond the scope of my website skills. He also ensured my site was properly set up, easy to manage and solidly secure. Could not have done this without him.

Steve Schultz of Qualitative SEO is making it so my site will actually start to come up in a web search. No small feat in today’s vast interweb world – he’s a good one that Steve.

Melina Meza gets credit for the lovely banner images throughout the site and my headshot. I can say as someone who doesn’t care to be on that side of a camera, she was a joy to work with. (You’ll see more of her images as my business continues to unfold.) I highly recommend her and her amazing eye.

Artist Laura Curry took the interior group shots, capturing some of that sweet energy that emerges during coaching and meditation sessions. Laura is involved in numerous community projects and installations across the globe, you should check her out.

And last but not least, Samantha Fisher designed my beautiful logo and helped develop the overall look of my site and newsletter. I’ve been working with Sam for years on various projects and am always amazed by her ability to bring expression to the unique visions of different people and organizations. If you’re in need of a graphic designer I wholeheartedly suggest getting in touch with her.

While on the topic of thankfulness, and given this is a website devoted to mindful practices, I would also though like to do a shout out for a resource that has been inspiring me for years – Living in Gratitude by Angeles Arrien. If you’ve ever been curious about how to infuse more gratitude into daily life, or why you might want to (gratitude is another one of those things that’s good for us), it’s a great book and easy read.




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