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Money on my Mind


A common reason folks seek me out as a small business coach is getting tripped up by the business part of their business. I work with folks who make or do something they love and can’t help but to want to share – not so much because they want to be a businessperson per se. One of the trippiest parts of that business-business? Money.

There are numerous reasons budgets can feel like heavy lifting. Utter lack of interest in diving into numbers, reluctance to redirect energy away from what they love, unfamiliarity, loaded feelings about money…to name a few. For mission-driven individuals concerns may arise around a money-focus tainting the integrity of a business. Of course too, it can be combination of these factors.

What I’ve come to appreciate over the years though is that for a business to exist, the service or product offered needs to be supported by healthy cash flow. For those of us who are not budget-inclined that can mean digging deeper into what does really matter to us as a way of generating motivation to tend to the money bits of the business-business.

I recently had a chance to speak with Kaitlyn Clay of Mindful Studio Magazine about what that might look like. Read the article here. And if you’re one of those small business folks getting tripped up by budgeting and money, feel free to get in touch with me.



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