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Yoga Nidra Home Practice

PillowsYoga Nidra Home Practice

For optimal comfort during a home Yoga Nidra practice here are a few recommendations for set-up and props.

Bio: Yoga Nidra is best practiced on neither an empty nor full stomach; it’s recommended you wait 30 minutes after a snack or light meal, and hour after a larger meal. It can be useful to use the bathroom before practice. You may also appreciate having water nearby to hydate after practice.

Temperature Regulation Adding an extra layer of clothing can be helpful. We’re not moving our bodies in Yoga Nidra so our core temperature usually drops. If you’re able to adjust the heat, mid-70’s tends to feel comfortable for most people but of course listen to your body for whatever feels best.

While Yoga Nidra is often thought to be a supine practice, it can also be practiced in seated and standing shapes.

Supine I suggest laying down on a yoga mat, or comfortable rug that is at least the length of your body. Extend legs and place feet about the width of a yoga mat (or just shy of), and rest arms out to your side at about a 45 degree angle, palms facing up. You may want to place an additional pad or blanket for increased warmth and cushion. Place a pillow under head, and one to two blankets over body. You may also appreciate a pillow or cushion under knees. Optional: eye mask and/or water or tea nearby.

Seated Choose a sturdy and comfortable chair. It may feel good to add a cushion under feet and/or to support your back. It might also feel good to extend your legs and feet over an ottoman (or something that can function as such.) Cover your body with one to two blankets. Optional: eye mask and/or water or tea nearby.

Standing I recommend leaning against a wall and/or placing hands on the back of a chair to support stability. To further facilitate balance it may be helpful to practice with eyes softly opened, gaze lowered. Optional: water or tea nearby.

Click HERE for details and links to live, online Yoga Nidra classes happening Tuesday evenings (5:30-6:30pm PST.)

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