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Why Live Radiantly

Why Live Radiantly

The Elemental Process / Why Live RadiantlyI believe that the world shifts for the better when we feel into our purpose and belonging, and then express ourselves from this place.  Moreover, the experience of bringing our gifts to life feels good.

This can oftentimes be challenging if we believe that we need to step out into the world by ourselves. The mythical path of rugged individualism is needlessly arduous, and too frequently demoralizing. We are an integral part of a larger ecosystem that offers guidance, inspiration and support. To ignore or move against this requires more effort. It can also give rise to feelings of doubt, isolation, comparison and shame which, in turn, erode long-term productivity, accountability and wellbeing.

Live Radiantly holds space for aspirations, drive and accountability without sacrificing wellbeing and connection. It is an invitation to step into the rhythms of the larger, supporting ecosystem—and into a potent sense of belonging—as you refine and honor your innate capacities. While this path doesn’t typically offer instant outcomes and it may get tender at times, it is sustainable, powerful, joy-producing and natural.

silhouette of grasses / Live RadiantlyIn addition to its contemplative and coaching roots, Live Radiantly draws upon principles of feminist leadership, organizational design, compassionate communication and positive psychology. Along the way we will cultivate a sacred relationship between our inner and outer landscapes—to what we deeply aspire, the way in which we bring those aspirations into being and the larger world in which we live and belong.

To learn more about Live Radiantly— it’s features, components and schedule– I invite you to visit this page. (This page also includes details about upcoming info sessions.) In addition, you are always welcome to reach out to me directly with any questions you have.

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You can also visit my coaching page to learn more about my approach to coaching as well as 1:1 coaching packages. For my current teaching schedule please head to classes.

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