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Why I Teach Yoga Nidra

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My decision to pursue training in Yoga Nidra was based purely out of my love for the experience of Yoga Nidra itself. I had no plans to teach, I simply wanted to better understand a practice I was drawn towards. What I discovered at the outset of my training though was a game changer: it’s beneficial for people with autoimmune diseases. Why was this a big deal for me? I’ve been navigating an autoimmune disease myself for over fifteen years. More than that, every year a handful of friends unfortunately join me in this club.

There’s an increasing body of peer-reviewed research showing that yoga nidra can, among other things, effectively balance one’s autonomic nervous system, decrease inflammation in bodies, reduce severity and instances of many autoimmune diseases, mitigate symptoms of PMS, and boost cancer and heart disease treatments.

I do, in part, now teach Yoga Nidra simply because I love the experience of it – it tends to help me feel more relaxed, refreshed and grounded. I also teach Yoga Nidra because of my personal connection to challenges that can come with an acute and/or chronic health issue – things like discomfort, pain, exhaustion, social isolation, and limited diets. I’m so grateful for all the folks who have supported me in regaining health in my body and I’d love to do the same for others. I’m also simply in favor of more ease, grace and connection in my community, and on this planet.

Follow this link to read a recent (brief) article I wrote about Yoga Nidra benefits and practice. For my schedule of weekly drop-in Yoga Nidra classes head here. Curious about private sessions or bringing Yoga Nidra to your work? Click here.



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