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Take It Easy

Life is not a problem to be resolved but a reality to be experienced.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Relaxing by RiverSometimes we get so used to putting forth effort that we miss opportunities to take it easy. We can also forget how good it can be for us to simply relax into experience and presence, rather than try to make something be. Below are a few ways to take it easy, wherever you go this summer.

  • Take a few moments to notice touch points between your body and any surfaces below (you can be sitting, standing or reclining). Sense into the gentle pressure being offered. Notice how you need not try to have the chair, cushion, ground… hold you, you are being held. Widen awareness to include the way gravity supports your body in grounding. What does it feel like in body to be effortlessly held?
  • Rest attention with breath, wherever you feel it most readily (tip of your nostrils, chest, belly, etc). Notice how you don’t need to try to breathe – inhales naturally follow exhales, exhales follow inhales, the cycle repeats. Expand awareness to experience your body naturally take in nourishment with every in-breath, naturally release and soften with every out-breath. What does it feel like to naturally self-restore with breath?
  • Bring awareness to ambient sounds around you – subtle, overt, and everything in between. Rather than seeking sound out, allow sound to meet your awareness. Rather than hanging on to sounds, allow sounds to organically dissipate. What does it feel like to allow present, moment-to-moment awareness through sound?

What are ways (big or small) you can exert less, allow more? How will you take it easy more often this summer? I’m always happy to hear from folks here.

In loving kindness,


To learn more about mindfulness check out current classes open to the public. You may also want to head to the coaching page for more on mindfulness-based mentoring and leadership coaching. 

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