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Show Up, Show Up

Walking a LabyrinthThere are many different reasons folks seek out a business or leadership coach. I’ve come to appreciate over the years a common thread underlying these reasons relates to how folks want to show up. People don’t simply want to show up on the job (or in life), they want to show up, show up.

What does this mean? They want to feel a consistent sense of inner alignment, regardless of how others show up. Yes, they want to earn money. They also want to embody purpose, meaning and compassion in the midst of opportunities, deadlines and dilemmas. Yes, they want their business to thrive. They also have a desire to contribute in relevant, creative and impactful ways. They want to feel a part of something and they want to feel themselves.

As a leadership and small business coach I help people tap into their full creative potential. Infusing mindfulness with leadership and business practices, I partner with folks to bring their innate creativity, compassion and wisdom to the table, whether it’s easy to do so or not.  I hold space for folks to safely and effectively release limiting behaviors in order to skillfully lead with heart intelligence. Yes, I help businesses and leaders do well. I also though help people show up, show up.

To learn more about my mindfulness-based coaching and mentoring head to my coaching page. (For mindfulness classes head here.)

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