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Relax {& Repair} with Sound

Kitten With HeadphonesSound has the ability to instantly ground us into present moment. When I find my mind has time traveled into the past or future I’ll often attune to ambient sounds as a way to reconnect with present experience unfolding.

Sound also makes for an astute teacher on impermanence. Just like thoughts, feelings, and experiences (pleasant or unpleasant), sounds come and go. When I allow sound to organically meet my awareness and naturally dissipate I allow myself to touch a spaciousness that comes with non-grasping. I experience a softening that arises from releasing attachments and fixations.

Some sounds even have built-in healing capacities – they can activate our parasympathetic nervous system, that powerful and natural caregiving system we all have.  The tonal sounds of crystal singing bowls fall into this category. These bowls are crafted to vibrate at 4-12 Hz cycles per second.  This vibration helps the brain enter into a relaxed state.  As a result, our heart rate and blood pressure decrease, breath broadens, and production of stress hormones diminishes. Our parasympathetic nervous system can then release restorative and feel-good hormones. Physically we experience sensations of calm and relaxation, internally our body is able to begin repairing areas in need of healing.

Below is a 1-minute sample of a crystal bowl sound bath from unfold Co-Director Leigh Drake. I invite you to take a comfortable seat, soften your gaze and allow yourself to relax with these nurturing tones.

I also invite you to join Leigh and I September 16th for our fall Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation. (I recommend registering early if planning to attend, our last sound meditation sold out.)


Interested in more ways to relax and repair? Check out my Mindful Living course (fall session begins October 22nd) and yoga nidra classes and privates (scroll down). If you have any questions, get in touch with me here.

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