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Powerful Voices

selective focus photography of person holding green leafed plantThese are some of the BIPOC people and organizations that I’m grateful to be listening to. I wanted to share their strong and innovative voices.

  • The Nap Ministry – artist activist making connections between rest and social justice, and championing safe spaces for black bodies to rest
  • Sebene Selassie – meditation teacher who embodies tremendous feminine strength and teaches on belonging and nature connections
  • Lama Rod Owens – holds conversations and contemplations on topics that scare many of us
  • Resmaa Menekem – author and specialist in historical and racialized trauma.
  • Wild Diversity – an Oregon based organization dedicated to helping BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities and people to have a personal connection to the outdoors
  • Outdoor Afro – national organization that celebrates black connections and leadership in nature
  • Kritee Kanko – Zen teacher/climate scientist creating solutions for healthy and just living
  • Dekila Chungyelpa – Leader in supporting faith-based environmental protection

And a few resources for white folx stepping into (or further into) anti-racism work.

  • White Awake – open source curriculum program to support white people in dismantling conscious and unconscious biases, and to cultivate emotional resiliency.
  • Seeing White – Season 2 of Scene on Radio podcast that dives into white-identity politics and history that didn’t make it into schoolbooks
  • Anti-Racism Document – a working document of scaffolded resources, allows white people to identify readings, videos and actions well-suited for wherever they are on this path


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