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Nurturing Breath Break

Pale LeavesTending to one’s breath, even briefly, can diminish stress and support both emotional and physical resiliency. Below you’ll find an audio link for an 8-minute guided breath practice. Further down are written instructions to practice on your own, choosing your desired length of time. I invite you to take a nurturing break.

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Nurturing Breath Break – A Guided Meditation

  • Settle into a comfortable shape. Once you feel steady, soften gaze or close eyes all together.
  • Without changing your breath, begin noticing physical sensations of breath entering and filling body. Pay attention to where in body you feel each in-breath. Get curious about what it feels like to receive energy and nourishment naturally.
  • Allowing the experience of inhaling to then recede into the background of awareness, next rest attention with the physical experience of breath leaving Spend several moments attuning to your innate capacity to release with every out-breath. Is it possible to soften a bit with each exhale? Without judging your experience, explore being present to what it feels like in body to release and soften with exhalations.
  • Then bring awareness to the experience of both inhaling and exhaling. Feel into the energy of in-breaths, as well as the soothing nature of out-breaths. Experiment with allowing yourself to both cultivate and abide in your own nurturing presence.
  • When you feel ready, gently transition out of meditation – perhaps deepen breath or sense into points of contact with surfaces below. Then slowly open eyes, stretching body as feels good.
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