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Heart-Warming Practices

I recently contributed to 8 Limbs Yoga Centers month-long community inquiry, what warms you up? (Click here for my full, but brief, article.) Below are three simple, heart-warming practices I shared, along with a six-minute guided meditation.

  • Upon waking, light candles instead of turning on lights. You might even take your morning shower by candlelight.
  • With one or both hands over heart, spend a few moments feeling the warmth your own touch brings.
  • Bring to mind a time you witnessed a smile spontaneously spread across someone’s face and into their eyes. Notice what it feels like in body to abide with a moment of joy.

What do you do to stay warm, inside and out? I always love hearing from people.



Check out my YouTube channel for more brief, guided meditations. Looking for other opportunities to explore mindfulness? Head to classes.

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