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Meditation Mondays

Sitting Areaa place to remember who we are, together

Jocelyn Rahm (of Beam & Anchor) and I were called to start a weekly meditation group because we have both experienced, firsthand, the sense of peace, clarity and rightness that flows towards and through us when we operate from open-heartedness. And in reverse, we’ve experienced the disconnection, angst and isolation that accompanies a closed heart.  For us, the antidote is two-fold:

  • mindfulness: simply paying attention to our experience and bit by bit gaining greater dominion over it, regardless of external conditions; and
  • community:  gathering with others for further connection and understanding with ourselves and our shared humanity.

Each week at meditation monday we’ll explore a contemporary, topical theme through the lens of mindfulness and community dialogue. We’ll also experiment with bringing the idea from mind into body through practice. The objective is to not only foster discussion around how to apply mindful awareness to these themes, but to also have a palpable experience of the theme so we can apply it to our everyday experience. 

For those of you that have not attended a group sit with us but have contemplated doing so, please know that regardless of your practice experience, your presence would be a gift. For those of you that have sat with us, we can’t wait to practice again along-side of you. 

Theme for the 2019/2020 calendar year:

Living with an Open Heart

 We’ve dedicated the 2019/20120 season to Living with an Open Heart. We’ll offer specific weekly themes to bring this intention to life in ways that support both relevancy and personal meaning. Our aim is to consider what tends to come up seasonally, and to allow themes to build off of one another. You can attend every week, or pick and choose based on resonance and availability. 

This September we will be looking at the ways in which cultural and social conditioning meddles with our ability to remain present and open-hearted.

Essential question for the month: Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?


September 9th – trading self-improvement for self-acceptance

September 16th – loosening the confines of perfectionism 

September 23rd – moving from contingent to inherent worth

September 30th – fostering a loving inner dialogue


We meet every Monday from 7pm-8pm above Beam & Anchor – please enter through the back entrance on Knott Street. This is a donation based class – we suggest between $12-18 based on means. Hot tea is provided. 

Entrance to Sitting AreaDining Area

For Ashley’s full teaching schedule head here. To learn about how mindfulness can be brought into your business click here.

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