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Living from Liminal Spaces

green leafed trees - Living from Liminal Spaces

Living from Liminal Spaces

Tender enough to feel,
present enough to witness,
humble enough to listen,
courageous enough to act,
accountable enough to change.
– Prentis Hemphill

Liminal {adjective}, that which is of a sensory threshold. I love this passage from Prentis Hemphill – it speaks to the liminal space that emerges when intelligences of mind, heart and body come together.

Liminal comes from the word limen, a noun referring to the moment in which a physiological or psychological effect arises. Prentis Hemphill’s words for me evoke a sense of presence that is about living an unfolding stream of such moments. They speak to a wise and potent inner landscape that gives way to an engaged and openhearted life. These words have also inspired me to sit with a couple of reflections.

How may I hold space for the intelligence of my mind, my heart and my body to gather?

How may I create space to bring life to what emerges? 

Join us January 31 at Meditation Monday for a further exploration of this passage and liminal spaces through conversation and mindfulness practice. No prior meditation experience needed, by sliding scale donation.  Interested in one-on-one support? I work with individuals in a couple of different ways – Coaching as well as Mindfulness Mentoring. Learn about ways to bring mindfulness to groups and organizations here.

Prentis Hemphill hosts a wonderful podcast, Finding Our Way, featuring conversations with activists, artists and leaders on how to realize the world we want. I highly recommend!

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