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Live Radiantly
a transformative hybrid coaching program

Do you want to step into your full creative potential? Would you like to be supported as you bring a personal vision into material reality?

Then I invite you to join me for Live Radiantly, a transformative hybrid coaching program that starts in January.

We’ll begin and conclude our time together on retreat. Between retreats, in addition to gathering as a group twice monthly for tutorials, you and I will connect personally through 1:1 coaching. During our six-month journey together not only will you bring a meaningful goal to life. You will also learn tools and perspectives that you can use the rest of your life that will help you in continually realizing your aspirations. In order to maintain a high level of personal support, the cohort for this program will be limited to 6 participants.

photography of grass with sun lightLive Radiantly melds the tailored guidance and inspiration of 1:1 coaching with the enhanced support, connection and learning generated through group work. It reflects the experience, knowledge and practical tools I’ve learned, developed and shared over the past 12 years of successfully coaching individuals and organizations. It also features offerings that draw on my extensive studies and practice in mindfulness and nature meditation.

This program is for people who want to:

  • Bring an inspired goal to life.
  • Discover gentle techniques for calling forth grounded wisdom and releasing limiting beliefs.
  • Expand their capacity for generating the motivation, structure and accountability needed to see goals through.
  • Enhance their ability for discerning effort: the ability to know when it’s time to reflect, when it’s time to act and when it’s time to allow.
  • Deepen their circles of support through a community learning culture that heralds reciprocity, dignity and compassionate awareness.
  • Replenish vital energy through appreciation, ritual and joy.
  • Step into the larger, natural rhythms of life as a way to steward life aspirations with greater ease.
  • Create a personal repertoire of practices and strategies that will provide support beyond the program.

I invite you to continue reading to learn more about the program. And, you are also welcome to reach out to me directly with any questions.

I look forward to supporting you in your desire to live radiantly.

In appreciation,


PS Learn more about my whys for creating Live Radiantly here.

When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.

– Yogi Bhajan

The Elemental Process

Our transformative journey will be guided by The Elemental Process, an accessible and effective coaching methodology that I’ve developed. It invites our innate capacities to align with ever-present resources in a way that mirrors the flow and rhythms of nature.

It was designed as a dynamic system that brings together my skills and experience in lifework coaching, mindfulness practices, nature meditation, somatic relaxation, and more.

As you learn its holistic set of tools, strategies and practices, you will be supported in adapting them to serve your particular intentions and unfolding life.


Program Components

To encourage a high level of learning and engagement, Live Radiantly features six core program components.

green grass field photoRetreats

Our two retreats will allow us to drop more deeply into our personal intentions for the program and to foster an enriching group-learning culture. They will include discussion, reflection, ritual and an array of practices. There will also be free time to spend resting, exploring and/or in quiet contemplation.

Please note: Our opening retreat will be held online. Active screen time will be minimized. Between extended lunch breaks, guided meditations and personal reflection times there will be opportunities woven throughout these days to give your eyes a rest, to move your body and to enjoy fresh air. Our closing retreat is in-person, in Portland (non-residential.) Tea and coffee as well as vegetarian lunches will be provided both days of our final retreat.

Saturday Morning Tutorials

These two-hour morning sessions will focus on working with new material through discussion and practice. They will also be an opportunity for participant case studies and the gathering of appreciative feedback.

Wednesday Evening Tutorials

Our one and a half-hour evening sessions will emphasize integration and accountability, primarily through discussion and reflective practice as well as the opportunity to have individual questions answered.

1:1 Coaching

In your individual sessions you can get additional and specific support on any aspect of the program, or your experience and process, that you would like.

Community Chat Board

Between sessions, the online Live Radiantly Community Chat Board will be a great way to share successes, garner supportive feedback and help one another with accountability. This is also where you’ll find recordings of core practices and the program workbook.

Live Radiantly Workbook

The workbook reviews program content covered in the retreats and tutorials. It also includes instructions for practices, reflection prompts, recommended reading and a resource list.

Tuition and Registration

Registration for the 2023 Cohort is closed. Details about the 2024 program expected this summer.

Program Tuition Includes:

  • 34 group coaching hours (10 in-person, 24 online)
  • 4 half-hour 1:1 coaching sessions between retreats
  • Recordings of core practices
  • Online community discussion board
  • Between-session email support
  • Live Radiantly Workbook
  • Vegetarian lunches during closing retreat

About Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P

Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P (she, her, hers)I have been coaching individuals and businesses for over twelve years using an integrative model that includes lifework and leadership coaching, mindfulness practices, nature meditation, somatic relaxation and more. I hold a Master in Social Work and am a graduate of the ICF-accredited Seattle Coach’s Professional Coach Training. Contemplative practices have been at the center of my personal and professional life. In addition to a longstanding personal practice, I am a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and have completed a year-long apprenticeship focused on bringing contemplative practices into the natural world. For over a decade, I was also the Executive Director for one of the largest independent yoga businesses in the U.S. For a more comprehensive summary of my background and credentialing, see here.

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