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Let’s Rest, Now On Demand

Large stones in still water / Let's Rest / Let's RestLet’s Rest, an 8-day course to promote resiliency and wellbeing with Dr. Kat Bodden, ND and Ashley Dahl, MSW, CMT-P

Let’s Rest, the restorative course I co-created with Dr. Kat Bodden, ND is now available on demand.

Let’s Rest blends somatic and mindfulness practices with stress management techniques and restorative yoga nidra (guided, deep relaxation.) You will learn how to skillfully steward energy through your day. You will also be supported in crafting a personal rest practice that can keep you buoyant and resourced throughout life’s ups and downs.

There are three components in this course:

Laying the Groundwork

The course begins by exploring the difference between sleep and rest, and why both are essential for wellbeing. We’ll look at underlying physiology and science as well as the role rest plays in nature and wisdom traditions. You will learn simple practices to ground in body, quiet your mind and regulate your nervous system.


LetsRestFirstImageMaking it Personal

You’ll then be invited to connect personally with the material through guided practices and a rest resource toolkit. You’ll be given guidance to tap into deeper motivations and cultivate conditions for a personalized (and enduring) rest practice.


Immersing in Rest

You’ll then have an opportunity to immerse in consecutive days of rest practices. The emphasis is on restoratives and integration. The intention is foster conditions to experience more ease in your days while fostering traction for a rest practice beyond the course. These practice sessions feature guided somatic, meditation and yoga nidra practice, and time for reflection.

This course is for:

  • Individuals who want to regain vital energy.
  • Folx with compromised immune systems looking for gentle support.
  • People who are experiencing high levels of stress and want to skillfully regulate their nervous systems.
  • Healthcare providers who would benefit from receiving care themselves, and/or want to expand their professional toolkits.
  • Anyone interested in promoting calm and grounded resourcefulness through their own nurtured presence.

Tuition is $108 and includes: welcome + orientation bundle; seven hours of recorded content; Let’s Rest Toolkit (downloadable); and access to all course materials for 60 days.


To see my full teaching schedule, including programs for organizations, head to classes.

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