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Introducing Stephanie Gailing, MS

Introducing Stephanie Gailing, MS

Meet Stephanie Gailing I’m really happy that I get to collaborate with my longtime friend, author and wellness astrologer Stephanie Gailing, MS, on Illumination— a drop-in series on accessing full moon wisdom. Below is an excerpt from our recent conversation about well-being, compassionate awareness and moons. Enjoy!

Ashley Dahl (AD): You’re a wellness astrologer. Something I’ve always appreciated about you is your steadfast commitment to supporting well-being within a context of larger, natural rhythms. How did you come to merge wellness with astrology?

Stephanie Gailing (SG): My whole career has been dedicated to helping people to elevate their well-being. The moment I was introduced to astrology, I knew that it was a language that was aligned with my mission. That is because it gifts you with self-awareness, which in turn helps you to not only live your life with more consciousness but more compassion: further understanding the unique tapestry of who you are enables you to accept and embrace yourself. To me, this is at the root of wellness and well-being.

AD: To me as well. Through my personal contemplative practice and through my work I’ve seen the essential role compassionate self-awareness plays in health.

SG: Additionally, I frame what I do as wellness astrology because, as an integrated part of my work, I also offer self-care strategies—flower essences, relaxation practices, and ways to work with the insights that come forth in your dreams—to my clients, readers, and workshop attendees.

AD: I love this because, as a coach, I know how important it is to materially work with insights in order to translate them into shifts in the material world.

I want to switch gears a little and talk about full moons. We have created a series, Illumination, that focuses on accessing full moon wisdom. (I’m so excited by the way!) From your perspective, why is it worth our while to pay attention to full moons?

SG: With Lady Luna shining brightly overhead, Full Moons are monthly moments of awe, when we can tap into a powerful incandescence that can light our path. Full Moons bring light to the darkness; they illuminate the nighttime landscape as well as the landscape of our hearts and minds. Full Moons can be quite the intense time, as many find that them to be moments in which the tides of their emotions hold great sway.

Remembering that they occur when the Sun and Moon are in opposite zodiac signs helps us to understand the stress and conflict that they may bring. And yet, here is the jewel of the potential for growth, awareness, and healing: by being cognizant of the two seemingly disparate clarion calls we are experiencing at this time and finding ways to synthesize and integrate them, we can emerge with greater illumination that can help carve a clearer path for us in the moment, and moving forward in our lives.

AD: I felt an energetic hit with the word awe. I notice that when I make conscious room for things like awe, wonder, beauty and reverence that my practice and life feel less effortful, more inspired. I also appreciate you mentioning this notion of holding seemingly oppositional forces– so much of life is a “yes, and” rather than “either/or.”

You have a recent book out about moons, The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon. Congratulations, by the way– it’s beautiful! Can you share the inspiration behind this book?

The Complete Guide to Living by the MoonSG: The Moon is a beautifully powerful beacon that has inspired people since time immemorial. And so, to be able to write a book that connects people to some of the wisdom that it embodies has been a great honor. Ever changing, yet in a way that is always consistent, the Moon reminds us that the nature of nature is change. Astrologically and archetypally, the Moon heralds the feminine, the facets of life that remind us of the inherent importance of tending and caring, to ourselves, so that we can also do so for others.

The book has two sections. The first is focused upon the lunar cycle, helping you align with the natural rhythms of the Moon including sequencing your self-care throughout the month. The second is focused upon the Moon in your astrology chart; while most people know their Sun sign, your Moon sign helps you further understand what you find nurturing, what you need emotionally, and what has you feel a sense of belonging. Tending to the Moon is instrumental in taking care of ourselves, which can also help us to take care of others and the world around us.

AD: Ah yes, the moon is a generous teacher on impermanence and what is unwavering. This book feels like a generous gift. Thank you so much Stephanie—I’m always so inspired by our conversations.


About Stephanie Gailing, MS  

Stephanie Gailing is a life guide, wellness astrologer, and author with more than 25 years of experience. Her unique approach to healing weaves together compassion-based coaching, self-care strategies, and astrological insights. In addition to working directly with individuals, couples, and organizations, Stephanie regularly teaches
workshops and writes about holistic well-being, inspiring her audience with ways to live their life with stellar awareness. Co-host of the So Divine! podcast, Stephanie is the author of numerous book including The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon, The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care, and The Complete Book of Dreams.

I invite you to learn more about Stephanie through her website, and to check out her book on moons.

Head HERE if you’d like to join Stephanie and I for one of the Illumination gatherings.

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