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Guided by Nature

Guided by Nature is a unique program that brings the benefits of nature-based mindfulness to businesses, organizations and leadership teams.

Chronic modern-day stressors are undermining the health of individuals and institutions. Mindfulness offers effective tools that not only mitigate the effects of stress but reduce its potential from taking root in the first place. Connecting with the natural world also offers these benefits, yet in a way that is often experienced as more effortless. When we weave together mindfulness and the healing benefits of nature, we experience a practice that can be both highly accessible and powerfully transformative.

This is what Guided by Nature offers.

Guided by Nature programs are designed to support organizational and personal well-being. Through simple toolsrooted in established wisdom traditions, backed by research and offered in a relatable mannerGuided by Nature programs help individuals and groups to skillfully manage stress. They bolster one’s ability to be resourceful and creative. They help individuals and teams meet challenging situations with grounded wisdom while boosting inspiration and the quality of relationships.

If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Guided by Nature programs can be held indoors or outdoors and be customized to fit the specific interests and needs of your business, institution or group. They can be delivered in a variety of formats including experiential talks and series; in-service trainings and retreats; and mentoring and coaching. Sample topics include:

  • Reducing Stress and Restoring Emotional Balance, Naturally
  • Growing Natural Awareness
  • Mitigating Burnout and Healing Compassion Fatigue
  • Calming Your Nervous System, Wherever You Are
  • Taming Our Inner Critics
  • Compassionate Communication: Cultivating Connection and Understanding
  • Exploring Nature Meditation
  • Meeting Climate Crisis with Care

Ashley is a wonderful instructor. She fosters community while guiding everyone on their own journey. She is a treasure.

brown flower buds in tilt shift lensGuided by Nature offers benefits for educational institutions, healthcare providers, businesses, non-profit organizations and affinity groups. OpenSpace Mindfulness clients have included Microsoft, Seattle University, Weiden & Kennedy, Starbucks, Holistic Nurses Group, North Seattle College, Good Samaritan Hospitals and Catholic Charities of Oregon.

Guided by Nature was born out of my deep desire to support collective well-being and my background in mindfulness, nature contemplation and leadership.

I would love to connect with you and explore how Guided by Nature can be a meaningful resource for your group or organization.

Benefits of Nature Contemplation

green moss on brown soilAs we know, the effects of chronic stress, mental health challenges and poor sleep are far-reaching. They compromise our immune system and experience of well-being, reducing our capacity to enjoy daily life. In our working life, their impacts also show up in a variety of ways; they diminish our capability to concentrate, undermine our productivity and impede our ability to innovate. In turn, this can interfere with the quality of our relationships, the health of teams and the overall resilience of organizations.

Nature-based mindfulness offers supportive practices and techniques to calm the mind and release stress from the body. It can also be an accessible gateway for tapping into innate intelligence and creativity as well as gaining skillful perspective. It leads to feeling more inspired and connected as well as increasing our ability to be present.

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