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about mindfulness-based coaching sessions

During our first two to three sessions you can expect to get clear about your deeper intentions and how you most want to show up.  As your Coach, I’ll offer structure, tools and practices that facilitate traction, and foster conditions for transformation. (Between sessions you’ll take directed actions.)


Identify your core aspirations, guiding values, and what tends to get in the way.


Develop an inspiring vision that expresses your purpose, and invites you to demonstrate your values.

Create concrete goals that foster meaningful change, and bring your vision to life.


With the groundwork in place, our work together becomes increasingly client-directed. Expect to initiate and experience more movement, as I actively support mindful awareness and presence.


Through embodied presence, take skillful and timely action steps towards your goals.


Reflect on experiences (positive, challenging, and everything in between) with curiosity and compassion. Respond in kind.


Honor your willingness to lean into learning edges. Appreciate successes and joys along the way.

about the coaching relationship

Throughout the coaching relationship, emphasis is given to clear seeing, resourcefulness and kind presence, in real-time.

  • You’ll be invited to actively sense into inspirations for focus and motivation.
  • As challenging situations or people are faced, we’ll explore ways to engage healthy boundaries and compassionate communication.
  • If tender spots are uncovered, we’ll look at how to respond with wise perspective and caring attention.
  • When inner critics become vocal, we’ll pause to tend to underlying needs, and flip harmful scripts.
  • We’ll also take time to savor joys and successes, and appreciate our willingness to demonstrate our values through our actions.

practical details

I offer coaching in six-month packages. Packages include two hour-long sessions a month (by phone or video) and between session email support. (In-person sessions are possible in Portland; during Covid in-person would be in a park or on a trail.)

Familiarity with mindfulness, or a mindfulness practice, is not required.

The first step is always a complimentary 30-minute conversation. During this conversation we’ll talk about what you’re looking for and your goals. I’ll tell you more about how I work. Together we’ll figure out whether there’s a good fit.

Click here to schedule a complimentary conversation.

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