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Relax & Restore with Yoga Nidra

Relax and Restore with Yoga Nidra programs offer profound healing for modern times.

The barrage of information and stimulus we’re subjected to in modern life can take its toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Yoga Nidra offers an effective and sweet way to bring more kindness to our nervous systems while tapping into our bodies innate, but often underutilized, capacity to self-heal and restore.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

– Hippocrates

Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness that weaves together deep relaxation with subtle awareness. Our brain waves enter restorative theta and alpha frequencies, and three important things happen:

  • We disengage our sympathetic nervous system (associated with fight, flight, freeze states). This halts the production of stress hormones and improves blood flow circulation.
  • We activate our parasympathetic nervous system (natural caregiving capacity). Feel-good and healing hormones are released, energy reserves are replenished.
  • We gain direct access to the innate wisdom, compassion and creativity that resides in our subconsciousness. We can then align these faculties with our conscious aspirations for well-being, purpose and resilience.

While practicing several healing modalities for a recent trauma, I decided to give Yoga Nidra a try. As a Nurse, I truly appreciate Ashley’s knowledge about the body’s healing abilities and her expertise from an emotional perspective. Ashley is caring and consistent. I attended many classes as I continued to feel my body release while simultaneously feeling my strength and heart heal. I recommend her class to anyone who wants to experience deep healing.

Yoga Nidra is practiced through systematic and guided relaxation using supportive props, making it a highly accessible form of meditation. Elements of mindfulness and trauma-informed care are also weaved into sessions to further support each practitioner’s capacity to relax and self-restore.

Many people come to Relax and Restore with Yoga Nidra simply to feel calmer and more refreshed. Advances in research though have led to a growing body of evidence demonstrating the profound healing this practice can offer, including:

  • Reduced stress, balancing of autonomic nervous system
  • Diminished anxiety and depression
  • Decreased inflammation in body and symptoms associated with many autoimmune/inflammation-based diseases
  • Effective support of cancer & heart/hypertension treatments
  • Decreased PMS symptoms
  • Lower levels of insomnia, higher quality of sleep
  • Greater capacity to manage pain
  • Improved well-being and resiliency as well as greater happiness

One of the things that always amazes me in Yoga Nidra is how Ashley’s understanding of the mind and body merges with what I perceive as her remarkable instinct.

selective focus photography of purple flower fieldRelax and Restore with Yoga Nidra offers benefits for educational institutions, healthcare providers, businesses, non-profit organizations and affinity groups. OpenSpace Mindfulness clients have included Microsoft, Seattle University, Weiden & Kennedy, Starbucks, Holistic Nurses Group, North Seattle College, Good Samaritan Hospitals and Catholic Charities of Oregon.

Relax and Restore with Yoga Nidra grew out of my deep interest in supporting individual and collective well-being and my background in Yoga Nidra, mindfulness and self-compassion.

I would love to connect with you and explore how Relax & Restore with Yoga Nidra can be a meaningful resource for your group or organization.

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