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A Powerful Antidote to Compassion Fatigue

Yellow Flower Buds antidote to compassion fatigueI was recently invited to write an article about an antidote to compassion fatigue for unfold portland. Below is an excerpt. Click here for the full piece.

Compassion fatigue is what happens when we tend to the hurts of others, but not our own. Because we’re hardwired, (through  mirror neurons) to feel what others feel, it’s unfortunately common for caregivers (professional and personal.) It can also express itself in difficult ways – depression, apathy, confusion, exhaustion, anger, substance abuse… to name a few.

Thankfully there’s a powerful antidote to compassion fatigue … {Continue reading here for the full article, including a simple self-compassion practice that can be called upon during a caregiving moment.}

Join Integrative Nurse Judy Ulibarri and I, in our upcoming workshop Alleviating Compassion Fatigue. September 27th, 2-5pm. $60 early registration, $75 regular. (CEU’s available for Yoga Professionals and Nurses.) More about Ashley’s work can be found here, visit classes for her Ashley’s full teaching schedule.

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